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Can Roof Coatings Prevent Roof Leaks?

Roof Coatings Prevent Roof Leaks Ask The Right Quesions

Roof coatings are special products that are applied on roof surfaces using methods similar to applying paint (coatings are brushed, rolled or sprayed onto the roof surface) and that serve the purpose of strengthening roofs in various ways. Some are intended to form a reflective layer on the surface of the roof to prevent overheating and the roof damage potentially caused by UV radiation, while others form an efficient water barrier on the roof surface that seals the roof, thus preventing the appearance of leaks and stopping small leaks. Consequently, the answer to the question in the title is yes, roof coatings can efficiently prevent roof leaks – here are the types to look for:

  • Bituminous coatings – these coatings are made from asphalt or coal tar, both being efficient waterproofing agents;
  • Polymer roof coatings – made from various synthetic resins, including silicones, acrylics and polyurethanes are also efficient for waterproofing purposes;
  • Rubberized coatings – these products are practically bituminous coatings that also contain synthetic rubber for added durability, resistance and increased water protection.

Not all roof coatings are suitable for any substrate, so before you pick your roof waterproofing product, make sure that the product you intend to buy is compatible with your roof type and material, find out more Http://

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