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How Roof Coatings Can Help During the Winter

Winter Roof Coatings Commercial Roofing ProductsThe best way to protect your roof is by taking steps to prevent damage and when it comes to preventing roof damage in winter, one of the most important prevention measures is the application of a suitable, winter-grade or all-temperature roof coating product on the roof’s surface. Here is how these coatings will help you preserve your roof intact and in excellent condition throughout the winter:

  • A properly applied roof coating will seal the surface of the roof, preventing the penetration of water, rust and corrosion – proper application in this case means application on a surface that is clean, dry, completely free from ice and snow (unless you are using a wet-surface product) and applying the coatings only when the ambient temperature is in the range specified in the product description or in the installation manual. Coating products also take some time to cure and to be able to deliver the desired level of protection;
  • Protection from high winds – many roof coatings form layers that make the roof more uniform. A smooth roofing surface does not have protruding areas that high winds can grab, therefore a roof protected with the right type of coating is safer in windy periods.  Find some of the best commercial roofing San Antonio roof coatings by having them professionally installed by your local roofers.
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