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Tips for Efficient Roof Coating Maintenance

Commercial Roof Coating Scheduled Maintenance TipsRoof coatings form strong and durable layers on roof surfaces, but to make sure that the protection lasts as long as it should, indeed, your coating will need attention and proper maintenance, too. Here is how to take care of your roof coating:

  • Cleaning – to ensure that your roof coating stays strong, inspect and clean the coated surface regularly;
  • Ensure proper drainage – most coatings serve the purpose of waterproofing the roof, but that does not mean that they can endure being exposed to water endlessly. The best way to avoid water ponding is through the regular inspection of your gutters and downspouts and the timely removal of any clog or debris that you find;
  • Protect the coating – roof coatings are sensitive to foot traffic and chemical spills, so try to avoid walking on the roof as much as possible and prevent exposing the coating to liquids that contain petroleum, solvents, acids, fats and other chemicals. Roof coatings are also sensitive to abrasion and they must not be punctured, so make sure to avoid these types of mechanical damage as well;
  • Be gentle with your roof coating – whenever you remove debris or snow, use only soft plastic tools to avoid scratching the coated surface.

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