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What Roof Coatings Are Most Popular for Businesses?

Most Popular Flat Roof Repair Roof Coating ProductsRoof coatings are products designed to prevent specific roof problems, to protect the roof from harm and to prolong the lifespan of the structure. Coatings can be applied on most roof types, the roof types used on business premises and commercial building being especially suitable for being coated. Here are the most common coating types used on business buildings:

  • Acrylic coatings – these water-based products come with excellent reflective properties and are suitable for reducing the temperature of the roof in very hot areas;
  • Polyurethane coatings – these solvent-based coatings come in two types: aromatic products that are resistant to water, but not to UV radiation and aliphatic products that are resistant to the sun’s rays, too, so the two types are often used combined. Urethane coatings also offer high resistance to abrasion, therefore they are the preferred solution in hail-prone areas;
  • Silicone coatings – these coats provide excellent performance in high solar radiation and they can endure the prolonged exposure to water, too, therefore they are suitable for sunny, arid areas as well as for wet climate zones.

These roof coating materials are easy to apply for flat roof repair Chicago businesses, they take very short to cure and they are also affordable, providing excellent roof protection solutions for any roof.

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