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Which Commercial Roof Coating Is Best?

Metal Aluninum Facade Commercial Roofing

The best roof coating is one that you select to meet your specific needs in terms of roof protection – here are the features offered by roof coating products:

  • Solar protection – the sun’s rays bombard roofs with heat and UV radiation, both being very harmful for roofs, commercial, industrial and residential alike. Today, there are many different coating options available for offering roofs the solar protection they need, the two most common options being acrylic coatings and rubber coating products;
  • Energy efficiency – many coatings that provide solar protection will also reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof, thus reducing the energy necessary for cooling the building interior and you can also find coatings that provide a thermal barrier on the surface of the roof that prevents heated air from escaping through the roof in winter;
  • Waterproofing – ponding water and prolonged rainy periods are also very harmful for roofs. While much of that harm can be prevented with a well-installed roof surrounded by a proper, well-maintained drainage system, your commercial roof can surely do with some additional waterproofing, unless of course it is the metal roofing San Antonio buildings are known for. To achieve that, have a look at the coating products developed for providing an efficient water barrier, such as silicone or rubberized coatings.
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