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How Long Does the Commercial Roof Coating Process Take?

How Long Is The Process Of Roof Coating

Roof coating is a product that takes very short time to apply, when done by commercial roofing San Antonio specialists, but offers long-term protection. The duration of the application process depends on several factors – here is what you can expect:

  • Roof coating should be applied on clean, perfectly healthy and intact roofs, which means that the application process will have to include the cleaning, the inspection and the necessary repairs as well. The roof needs to be not only clean and repaired, but also perfectly dry when the coating is applied;
  • The larger the roof and the more repairs it needs, the longer the overall time needed for the completion of your roofing project;
  • The type of your roof substrate might make it necessary to start the coating process by applying a primer that will also need to dry completely before the coating itself can be applied;
  • Roof coatings are applied from spraying devices or spread with mops, so the time necessary for project completion will also depend on the application method chosen;
  • The roof coating forms a strong and resistant layer on the roof, but even so, it needs to be reapplied every few years – you can find out the interval from the manufacturer’s specifications.
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Increasing Your Roof Longevity with Roof Coatings

Roof Coating Is A Constant Guard

Roof coatings are great products that can enhance the energy-efficiency of the entire home and business, but energy savings are not the only benefits of coating products. Your roof coating can efficiently prolong the life of your roof and it can reduce the likeliness of leaks and other issues as well – here are a few more details:

  • Leak prevention – uncoated roofs get at least one leak every 5-10 years on average, but with suitable coating, the interval can be prolonged to at least 15-20 years. Fewer leaks mean more strength and more reliability and, ultimately, longer lifespan for your roof;
  • Protection against UV radiations – roof coatings protect roofs against the harmful effects of harsh UV radiation, such as discolorations and premature aging;
  • Protection against the accumulation of debris – airborne debris, such as dust, dried leaves, twigs, feathers and other types of dirt tend to accumulate on the surface of the roof. During rainy periods, the accumulated debris absorbs the water and keeps it in, a process that is harmful for the roofing surface underneath. Suitably chosen roof coatings can make the surface of the roofs smoother, thus preventing the accumulation of debris and ultimately ensuring prolonged lifespan for the roof. Have the Chicago commercial roofing contractors that specialize in roof coatings do the job for lasting results.
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Can Roof Coatings Help Offset Energy Costs for Your Building?

Offset Energy Costs

Your choice of roof type, roof design and roofing material can have a considerable impact on the amount of energy needed to heat and to cool the interior spaces in your home, but there is one more, simple, but often neglected component that can further improve your roof’s energy efficiency and that is the roof coating used. Here are a few things that you should know about these efficient, easy to apply products:

  • Roof coatings are products designed to form a protective layer on the surface of the roof in order to protect it against the elements and to seal it, thus improving its energy-efficiency;
  • Some roof coating products improve the ability of the roof to reflect solar heat, therefore they are used in hot, very sunny regions;
  • Some roofing products are designed for colder geographic regions and improve the roof’s ability to keep heated air underneath;
  • Most roof coating products also improve the roof’s resistance to the actions of water, making the roof more waterproof;
  • Most coatings protect the roofing material against the damage caused by UV radiations as well;
  • Whatever type of roof you have, you can surely find a variety of coating products for it. Look to a professional in metal roofing San Antonio area company to do the job.
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What Color Roof Coatings Are Most Popular for Businesses?

Popular Commercial Roofing Colors

Commercial buildings and business headquarters used to be painted in toned down colors in the past, but today, harsher, more attention-grabbing colors are becoming increasingly popular. The colors of the building are usually chosen to match the company’s brand image and they usually include the colors used in the company’s logo as well, so bright-colored roofs and roofs that feature surprising color choices are no longer rare. Here are the most popular hues:

  • Bright hues – reds, blues, shades of purple are frequently used on the roofs on business buildings that are meant to grab attention;
  • Neutral shades, especial lighter colors – a great choice in hot areas where attractive appearance needs to be paired by reflexive features to reduce roof heat;
  • Dark colors, including black, dark brown, dark grey – elegant colors that match almost any building exterior and that can improve energy-efficiency for buildings located in colder areas;

You can find colored coatings ready-made or you can buy the pigments to add to your roof coating separately – both solutions are great, both will give you great results according to commercial roofing Chicago experts. If you use a colored coating, make sure you remember the item code of the product next time when you buy coating – coating products need to be reapplied every few years and it may be a good idea to use the same color.