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How Can You Extend the Durability of Your Roof with Roof Coating?

Extend Roof Life With Roof Coating

Roof coating has the ability to protect your roof from the elements and ensure that your home stays cool (or warm, in cold areas) for a longer period of time. However, many roof coating Chicago experts will also point out that it has a profound impact on the lifespan and durability of the roof as well.


Recent research on the effects of UV radiation on various types of roofing materials has helped manufacturers improve the quality and resilience of UV coatings, so that they can last longer and protect the roof they are installed on more efficiently. With the help of a well-designed roof coating, everything from the color of a roof to its internal structure will become less vulnerable to sun exposure and most materials will be less brittle as a result, as well.


Depending on what it’s designed for, roof coating can also protect against physical impact and even waterproof your roof. Hail, powerful rain storms and the damage incurred from snow and ice melting in the springtime will no longer be an issue.


Also, with the best coating on the market, you can avoid spending money on damage and repairs required for roofs that don’t usually last too long – such as asphalt shingle roofing – which can sometimes extend the lifespan of these roofing systems by nearly a decade.

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How Will the Presence of Roof Coatings Help Prevent Maintenance Issues?

Professional Applying Flat Roof Coating

Roof maintenance can be costly, difficult and sometimes problematic. Without proper maintenance, your roof can be damaged by the elements, various pests or even just the presence of certain debris over time, leading to the need for more frequent repairs and roof replacements.


However, there is one product that can help you out in such cases: a new roof coating. The reason why coatings are so efficient in preventing maintenance problems is because they act as a kind of barrier between your roof and the environment around it. Depending on the type of coating you use, rainwater, heat, fire and hail can be dealt with more efficiently, and your roof will rarely if ever sustain any significant damage from being exposed to these elements.


Better protection leads to an improved experience and fewer instances where heavy maintenance is actually needed. Over time, this translates into a more durable roof that won’t need to be repaired or replaced that often.


Depending on the type of roof you own, it might also be important to focus on adding a certain type of coating or another for flat roof Chicago area buildings.   Roofing systems with better fire protection will hardly need a fireproof coating product, while those sensitive to physical damage might need a more resilient type of coating rated high when it comes to hail damage resistance.

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When Is the Best Time to Apply a Roof Coating?

What Is The Best Month To Have Roof Coatings Done

Depending on the type of roof you own, roof coatings can really change the way your roof looks and feels. In most cases, a well-designed roof will be enhanced to a great extent either by becoming weatherproof, resisting heat and fire more efficiently or being better protected from wind and hail.


The time to apply a roof coating, however, has to be chosen carefully, since it’s not the same to apply your coat in wet or hot weather or when the weather is dry, cool or even extremely cold.


Right from the start, you should know that extreme weather is no good. You can’t apply a roof coating well enough if temperatures are close to freezing or if they are well above the normal temperature you’d experience during the late spring or summer.


The best time to apply a coating is in the autumn or spring, during periods when the weather is completely dry. The temperature should be somewhere between 15 C and 27 C, and at least a few days should already have passed after the last rainfall.


Under those conditions, the new coating will adhere much better to the roof than otherwise. So you won’t have to worry about it being easily removed by wind and storms, even if the going gets tough.  For the best roof coatings, call on Ulitmate Roof Coaters of Chicago as they have years of experience in roof coatings.

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How Are Roof Coatings Really Able to Help with Heat Damage?

How Roof Coatings Work

There are several types of heat damage you have to look out for. One is the damage that the heat of the sun does to your roof or home. This damage is usually observed over a long term period, as the sun’s UV radiation tends to discolor the roof and cause the shingles, panels or membrane to lose its original form or texture, thereby losing at least some of its efficiency in protecting your home. Another type of heat damage comes from fires that are out of control, either present directly on the roof or nearby.


Both types of heat damage have to be taken seriously, since they can severely damage your roof and your home. The latter can even end up burning down your entire house, and even a few minutes or hours can count in that regard.


Roof coating acts by boosting your roof’s fire resistance and heat resistance. This can be an invaluable asset when you’re dealing with a fire that is out of control, since your roof’s added resistance means your home will last a little longer – giving you time to act, by keeping the fire under control or calling the firefighters on time.


As for mild heat damage induced by the sun, good roof coatings San Antonio companies offer can protect your roof against it and can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Harmful UV rays can often pass through your roof increasing the heat level inside your home. However, a UV-resistant roof coating will prevent this, keeping your home cool and ensuring you don’t have to use your AC system as frequently.