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Can Roof Coatings Really Protect Your Roof Against Hail Damage?

Depending on the type of coating you get for your roof, the answer to the question of whether or not your roof coating can protect your roof against hail damage might be a very positive one. While most people think that roof coating is only meant to protect against fires or UV radiation, you’ll find that the commercial roofing San Antonio experts can tell you about a whole myriad of different types of coating and their possible use in protecting commercial roofing systems.


The type of coating that can protect your roof from hail will usually a lot thicker and more resilient than the coating required for UV protection. Sturdy and able to withstand powerful physical impacts, the coating that can protect your roof against hail is also somewhat more expensive, albeit just as easy to install as other types of coating.


The difference between using roof coating to protect your roof against hail and not using it can be quite great. The coating can take the brunt of the hit, which means your roof will be entirely undamaged. Also, with the help of the best roof coating for hail, your roof’s life span and appearance will remain intact over a long period of time, so you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs or replacement projects any time soon.

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The Benefits of Gravel Roofing – What Are the Main Points You Need to Know

Roof Coatings And Gravel For Commercial Roofing

Gravel is not a material that’s normally used on roofs. Usually placed on countryside roads, walkways or driveways, gravel is great at protecting the surface it’s placed on and creating a type of balance that usually proves to be great for supporting large vehicles.


When it comes to roofing, gravel is not that different in its purpose of balancing out your roof and protecting the underlying surface. Typically used for flat roofing surfaces, it will protect your roof from impact and excessive sunlight, as well as various other factors that could prove to be disruptive.


As it is in the case of single ply roofing, gravel can be used as an added layer to also weigh down the roofing material and secure it in place. Aside from serving as a protective layer, it also ensures that your roof is completely protected from elemental threats such as hail. Finally, gravel can also be good at protecting your roof against pests, especially the larger ones that can cause the most damage.


Gravel is a great choice as a replacement or an enhancement for roof coating materials, and it can even act as an added layer of roof coating. If you want the best experience with your single ply or built-up flat roof, just ask your local roofers how helpful it can be to add a final layer of gravel to your existing commercial roof.  For commercial roof coating options, see

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Why Is Elastomeric Roof Coating So Popular These Days?

Why Rubber Roofing Is A Great Choice

If you never heard of elastomeric roof coating, you might be missing out on a host of great benefits associated with this type of coating. Elastomeric coating can ensure that your roof lives longer, can withstand hail damage more efficiently, and that it doesn’t get as easily damaged as a result of extreme temperature changes.


The summer sun can be extremely disruptive when considering certain types of roofing materials that tend to absorb more heat. Metal and various flat, membrane roofing systems can absorb a lot of heat even if they prevent UV radiation from reaching your interior walls and rooms. The extra heat can cause your entire home to heat up and lead to expensive energy costs in the summer, just to keep your AC working efficiently. Elastomeric roof coating can prevent this from happening, effectively adding as an extra layer of protection against UV radiation.


Additionally, hail and low temperatures won’t ever cause an elastomeric roof coating layer to crack, and the resilient material will also create a protective layer around damaged roofing structures, preventing leaks from causing problems until you get a chance to fix or replace your roof.


With the help of elastomeric rubber roofing Chicago experts install, you can protect your roof and increase its lifespan by years if not decades. Depending on the type of roof you own, the small investment required by the installation of an elastomeric roof coating layer could be well worth the expense.

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How Commercial Roof Coatings Can Help Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Commercial Roofing Solutions To Prevent Water Damage

If you just bought a new building and you’re worried about the roof, you don’t necessarily have to replace it right away. In many cases, your friendly roofing experts will tell you that the roof still has a few good years or even decades before it has to be replaced, so it’s a good idea not to overextend your capital, even if a new roof might be a prudent choice at the moment.


A good alternative to getting a new roof is to install an added layer of coating that can prevent water damage in areas with a high volume of rainfall. If you’re worried that the rainwater might flow through cracks and cause severe damage to your building, the roof coating you install will act to counter that.


Quality metal roofing San Antonio area coating often acts as an insulator, keeping water away from your roof even if it would normally leak through. Although that’s no replacement for a good roof repair project, the coating will help prevent leaks and stop water damage from happening at critical times, when you simply can’t get your important documents and fragile equipment out of the building.


Roof coating will also protect your roof from water damage, effectively increasing its lifespan and ensuring that you won’t need to have it replaced for a long time to come.