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Advantages Of Silicone Roof Treatments

Advantages Of Silicone Treatments For Commercial Roof RepairSilicone roof treatments represent a high quality roofing option, but there are still many building owners and facility managers who do not know its benefits. Silicone coating is more expensive than acrylic coating and this is the thing that draws some people back, although the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

Let us take a closer look at them.

  • Silicone coatings can be applied in a single layer

Compared to other roof coating materials, silicone coating has higher solid content and can be applied thicker, which is effective and convenient, because minor slope problems can be corrected during the application process.

  • Silicone coating can be applied without a primer

Powerwashing the roof is enough in most of the cases, which results in lower labor and material costs.

  • Silicone coatings are environmentally-friendly

Considering that they have low VOC levels and are solvent-free, silicone coatings meet material safety standards and you must not worry about whether they are appropriate for use or not.

  • Silicone Coating has great performance

The scientific formulation of this material makes it impermeable and able to resist even under the pressure of ponding water. It also maintains its form and does not deteriorate nor becomes useless. It is not like this material is infallible, but it has a particular durability.  Many of the commercial roof repair San Antonio companies are utilizing this product.

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Pros And Cons Of Rubber Roofing

Pros And Cons Of Rubber Roofing Commercial Roofing Contractors InstallRubber roofing is also known as EPDM in the roofing business and is one of the most popular waterproofing products on the market.

EPDM membrane is durable and effective for protection against water infiltration. It is a very good and affordable choice for those looking for durability and cost efficiency in commercial and residential projects, industrial warehouses and other applications.

Thanks to an excellent combination of features and benefits, the EPDM membrane provides waterproofing with superior durability, outstanding flexibility and an elasticity of up to 300%. Elasticity properties undergo only a 10% change after a period of 20 years, making the EPDM membrane having a very good quality-price ratio.

If you opt for this material, your projects will be done to the latest quality standards and with an environmentally friendly impact. The water collected on the surface of the EPDM membrane can be safely used for watering the garden, because this material is not toxic in any way and does not emanate solvents or other derived substances.

The EPDM membrane lifetime can reach up to about 50 years if installed properly by Chicago commercial roofing contractors that come recommended. The main drawback is that it can be punctured easily by falling branches, or improper exploitation. On the other hand, EPDM membrane can also be easily repaired.

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Can Temperature Impact A Commercial Roof Coating?

Commercial Roofing Contractors Discuss Hot Roof TemperaturesCommercial roof coating brings substantial benefits. The most immediate one is weatherproofing, because the coating seals the membrane so well that water will find no way in anymore. The enhanced protection against damage is the next important benefit. Whether we are talking about heavy rain or even hailstorms, the rubbery coating is like a shield for the roof. It also adds insulation value, being effective in preventing hot or cold air from escaping and contributing to the thermal comfort indoors.

If you are worried about the effects of the temperatures on your commercial roof coating, do not worry about it. These materials are created to be reflective and flexible. They prevent high temperatures of the roof and keep UV rays from reaching the building, reflecting up to 80% of them.  Good commercial roofing contractors San Antonio TX is home to can help keep them maintained.

Manufacturers offer different types of coatings: “all temperature” products, as well as summer-grade, winter-grade or intermediate-grade products. Besides providing different degrees of protection, these coatings can also have different viscosity grades. This information is typically marked on the containers. When you are looking for the best product for your roof, you should check with the supplier or manufacturer and take into account their professional recommendations.


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Sunlight’s Effect On Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings For BuildingsRoof coatings are applied on finished roofs to seal them and make them reflective, thus more energy efficient. They can also make a commercial building look better. There are different commercial roof coatings and they have different functional roles, but also common elements.

Reflective coatings have the main purpose to prevent the roof from absorbing heat. They are typically light colored and, naturally, resistant to sun exposure. They can help homeowners save on costs with air conditioning.

Functional coatings are engineered to be compatible with the roof system they are applied on and their main purpose is ensuring protection from the effect of weather conditions and UV rays. They are efficient enough to take the brunt from the elements, including from sun exposure.

There are also professional coatings that create a secondary membrane and improve the waterproofing of the roof. This type of membranes is also resistant in various other conditions.

All roof coatings also have an impact in reducing the urban heat island effect, by making the roof reflect up to 80% of sunlight. A coated roof is typically 55°F cooler than a regular roof, on a typical summer day and it lowers roofing waste can carbon footprints.  Find out more on commercial roof through professionals at


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How Often Should You Coat Your Roof?

How Often Do You Do Coating Commercial Roofing

Coating your roof is a great option which adds extra protection and years in the lifespan of your roof. The first acrylic coating was introduced in the `70s, but these roofing materials have been greatly improved in the meantime. Nowadays, they are engineered to seal the roof perfectly, covering any imperfection and creating a smooth, flexible and waterproof surface, resistant to weather and contributing to better energy efficiency of the building.

A roof coating is significantly more affordable than a new roof. As such, when your existing roof starts to get old, you can use a coating on the existing membrane, which will make it functional for many more years.  The commercial roofing Chicago area companies are quick and thorough with applying the coating.

Roof coatings have a defined life expectancy, just like any materials, which may vary according to the quality of the products and coatings` specified thickness. Typically, they come with manufacturer warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, so they will require attention over time, which means that you must consider recoating, once this period expires, to ensure that you continue to get adequate protection.

Even if they do not last as long as a roof system, coatings do not cost much and can be easily maintained and reapplied, which will make them going on for decades.

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Increasing The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Roof Coating

Ultimate Roof Coatings Help Improve Roof Lifespan

If you have a flat commercial roof and the end of its lifespan is getting close, you may be happy to know that instead of getting a new roof (which is a very expensive investment), you can choose a much more affordable option: apply a roof coating.

Commercial roof coating comes with great benefits. First, you ensure that your roof will last for many more years and provide great protection. Coating materials are engineered to expand and retract with the roof, as temperatures change, which ensures durability and prevents the type of damage produced by this phenomenon.

Roof coatings can be installed on existing membranes, improving the overall appearance of the roof, because they come in liquid form, covering all imperfections before drying and creating a neat and even surface.

With a roof coating, you do not save only on upfront costs, but also in long-term costs, because it is a reflective material that contributes to better energy-efficiency and also brings tax benefits.

When you coat your commercial roof, you must not think that maintenance is not necessary anymore. You have to keep scheduling annual roof inspections with companies such as Ultimate Roof Coaters in Chicago, because they are the best preventative measures that also help you benefit from your roof warranties.

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Protecting Your Roof Against Hard Rain With A Roof Coating

Protecting Commercial Roofing Systems From Hard Rains

Roof coatings are still an unknown concept for many people, but there are some real benefits you get when you use them, while the drawbacks and risks are insignificant.

First, protecting your roof with a coating makes economic sense. Unless your existing roof is not severely damaged and requires a replacement, a coating will increase its lifespan and make it more efficient, not to mention that it costs only a fraction of a new roof and has a warranty. You also get tax benefits, considering that it is classified as an expense.

Another advantage is that a coating is reflective and contributes to better energy-efficiency and lower energy bills; this also makes it an eco-friendly option.

Roof coatings come in liquid form and are easy to install – easier, no doubt, than any of the San Antonio TX commercial roofing systems. The existing roof must be freed of debris, powerwashed, repaired if necessary and covered with a uniform layer of coating material.

Roof coatings have been carefully engineered and greatly improved over the last decades. They seal the roof perfectly and have a great feature: they are uniform and lack seams. In this context, there is no vulnerable point which could make the roof fail when confronted with heavy rain.

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How A Roof Coating Can Help Save Money On Energy Bills

Roof Coating Can Help Save You Money On Energy BillsA roof coating represents an additional layer of protection that increases the lifespan of a roof. Coating materials are created to be easy to apply (they come in liquid form) and flexible once they dry, which ensures expansion and retraction together with the roof and prevents rupture even when temperature variations are significant.

Coated, your roof will become more uniform and waterproof, which means that it will surpass the original life expectancy. Re-coating is also an option, to get even more extra-years of good roof performance.

Obviously, increasing the lifespan of the roof will bring you significant savings, especially that a roof coating is not expensive. But the benefits are not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of energy-efficiency.

Roof coatings are reflective, which means they work to reduce the roof`s temperature and prevent damage caused by UV rays. At the same time, a reflective roof will also have an impact on your energy bills, considering that you will likely stop using the air conditioning as much as before coating your roof.  The roof coating Chicago roofers install is passive, meaning that it does not need energy to operate. That being said, coating your roof is an excellent way to be eco-friendly and protect your budget.