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Roof Coating Is An Essential Part Of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roofing Coatings Are Important Have BenefitsRoof coating is optional, but it represents a great solution to keep a roof functional for a longer time, to increase its lifespan, its appearance and to prevent problems caused by water infiltrations and costly repairs. Having a commercial roofing Chicago expert add a roof coating product is affordable – much cheaper than re-roofing – and is an operation that can be performed every few years, as a part of the roof maintenance.

Commercial building owners and managers are increasingly interested in the benefits roof coatings can generate for their business.

The benefits of commercial roof coating systems

Seamless & Weatherproof

A roof coating product is a liquid, which is applied with brushes and brooms, or sprayed on. The result is a membrane that seals the roof end-to-end. No more cracks, no more punctures, no more water infiltrations.


A roof coating can be applied on almost any existing roof, covered with membranes or shingles. It is cost effective, compared to replacing the roof, therefore specialists recommend managers and building owners to include it in the general maintenance, every few years.


Considering that adding a roof coating replaces the necessity to replace the roof, it also prevents old roofing materials from ending up in landfills.


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Why It’s Important To Check If Your Roof Needs Recoating

Important To Have Commercial Roofing Contractors Recoat Roof

Roof coating is a fluid applied as a protective layer. There is a difference between roof membranes and roof coatings. A membrane is a material serving as roof cover; by forced comparison, it is like the skin on our body. On the other hand, a coating product is applied to increase the durability and efficiency of the cover; a bit like a sunscreen body lotion we use on our skin.

Roof coating protects the roof and the entire building from damage caused by severe weather (storms, hail, snow accumulation etc.). Being highly adhesive, it prevents moisture absorption and leaks, by sealing any cracks and holes in the cover materials. As a result, the frequency of roof repairs and replacement is considerably diminished. Besides, recoating can be performed once every few years (depending on the coating material), as a part of the general maintenance. The procedure is quick, affordable and increases the lifespan of your roof, saving you money and worry. A roof recoating also enhances the aspect of your roof; some materials have special pigments and properties that can make an old roof look good again.

It is important to check periodically your roof and determine whether it needs recoating precisely to keep it in good shape and avoid problems and costly repairs.  It’s best to hire commercial roofing contractors San Antonio TX has to inspect the roof, and keep it maintained.


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How To Know Which Type Of Roofing System Your Building Has

Roof Coatings For Roofing SystemsThere are many different types of roofing systems and materials and knowing what you have above your head is important for a few very good reasons including:

  • Knowing the energy-efficiency potential of your roof
  • Estimating its durability
  • Determining whether your roof is susceptible to specific issues some materials have (ponding water, low resistance to impact damage, etc.).
  • Understanding repair and restoration options specific for the materials your roof is made from.

Some of the most popular roof systems on commercial buildings

Asphalt-based Roofing Systems

These have been around for a very long time and still are very popular mainly due to being budget-friendly.  With the services of a roof coating Chicago expert, this type of roofing can last a long time.

Single-Ply Membranes

These are made from thermoplastic or thermoset materials. They are highly reflective and become more and more popular among building owners who look for affordable solutions to increase the energy-efficiency of their roof. Single-Ply Membranes also provide superior waterproofness.

  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) & PVC (polyvinyl chloride)/ Thermoplastic

These are highly flexible materials that prove to be highly efficient in different types of climate and temperature variations. Other features include excellent protection against severe weather, resistance to UV rays, chemicals, punctures etc.

  • EPDM

EPDM is a particular type of single-ply material, which is very resistant to thermal stress and damage caused by temperature variations.


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How Roof Coatings Protect Buildings From Storm Damage

Roof Coatings Protect From Possible Storm DamageCoating is an efficient and affordable way to prolong the service life of your roof. It is much cheaper than re-roofing and can be applied quickly and easily. All you have to do is include it in your periodic maintenance, about every 5 years, depending on the coating material.

Roof coating has many benefits: it prevents water leaks by sealing openings along the entire roof surface, protects from UV rays and can transform any roof in a reflective roof. Besides, by keeping membranes and shingles in shape year-round, roof coating protects buildings from storm damage.

Roof coating products are flexible and can be made of different materials: acrylics, butyl, polyurethanes, silicone etc. All of them can provide very good protection from storm damage, whether it is caused by water infiltrations or by impact (hail, debris moved by the wind) and also keep your roof pristine. A strong level of adhesion of the coating product increases its ability to resist storms and other adverse weather conditions. Also, another property that must be taken into account is moisture permeability, which must be as low as possible. Building owners must select a high quality product in order to enjoy all its benefits.  You can find out more about roof coatings for the San Antonio area at

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What Roofing Materials Would Benefit From A Roof Coating?

Roofing Materials Roof Coatings

Roof coatings combine superior quality and maneuverability with excellent physical characteristics of the product. They are suitable for all types of constructions, both new and rehabilitated and work good on many types of roofing materials.

Roof coatings are special fluids that can be applied on different membranes and shingles, on roofs with different slopes and pitches to seal them and enhance the protection provided by the roof, as well as its reflectivity. Typically, these membranes are elastomeric, which means they have elastic properties, so they can stretch and return to their original shape easily and without damage. This flexibility ensures their efficiency in different conditions.

Roof coating products protect from water infiltrations, reflect heat and keep the roof cooler, reduce damage from severe weather, promote an eco-friendly structure and also act as a barrier for wear and tear.

Recoat your roof regularly to enjoy all these benefits. A coated roof has extended durability for as long as the coating product is in good shape. Generally speaking, you can consider a recoating every 5 years, but this depends on the coating material and the overall condition of the San Antonio TX commercial roofing.

Recoating is significantly cheaper than re-roofing your home.


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Signs It’s Time To Get Your Roof Recoated

Rubber Roof Coating Recoating

Generally speaking, a roof coating system is designed to last up to 2 years, although its lifespan depends on the coating materials, the roof maintenance and its overall condition. However, roof coatings can also be renewed every few years, allowing your roof to last indefinitely and preventing a tear-off with all the additional expenses.

Recoating the roof is much more affordable than restoration. Besides, it provides significant saving benefits (energy savings due to the contribution of roof coating to the thermal comfort, reduced roof life-cycle costs and maintenance, renewability and eco-friendliness etc.).

If you want to protect your roof from the action of weather or to increase its reflectivity without tearing down the old roof and replace it altogether with better (and much more expensive!) materials, you can consider recoating. Signs of damage (cracks, tears, splits etc.), as well as drainage issues also indicate that you should consider recoating your rubber roofing Chicago neighborhood buildings. Of course, you do not have to wait to notice these problems to have your roof recoated. The best approach is to include the recoating operation in your roof maintenance routine if it has been more than 5 years since the last coating or recoating operation.

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Protecting Your Roof From Debris With Roof Coatings

Damaged Roofing Commercial Roofing Coatings Protect From DebrisRoof coating products provide very good protection in various conditions. They are made from different materials, each with its pros and cons, so you can choose what is best for your roof type and the climate in your area.

Roof coatings prevent weather damage, by acting like a shield – a waterproof, flexible and resistant shield. They are impact-resistant, easy to install and repair and are designed to cover the roof end-to-end, making it impervious to water and wind.

When it comes to protection from debris, manufacturers keep improving the resilience of coating materials, so they become less vulnerable to debris build up and the consequences related to increased moisture. There is no way to keep debris away from a roof for good, unless you clean it every week, which is not exactly doable. Besides, debris doesn`t mean just dirt and leaves, but also twigs and sometimes other flying objects, carried by the wind during storms. So, it is not just about protecting the roof from debris accumulation, but also from impact.

Modern and improved coating products are exceptionally debris-resistant, which allows owners to avoid spending money on repairs and also ensures the aesthetic appeal of the roof over many years.  Look to professional commercial roofing San Antonio roof coaters to ensure your roof is protected.


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How Roof Coatings Can Prevent Damage During Severe Thunderstorms

Ultimate Roof Coatings Handle Severe WeatherThere are different types of roof coating products and they provide different levels of protection under various conditions.

During severe thunderstorms, the roof must not only withstand heavy rainfall, but also other severe phenomena, such as high winds or hail. There are roof coatings designed for this type of weather. When you purchase a type of coating product for your roof, make sure to consider its tear resistance, as this feature also ensures better impact resistance. Additionally, you must choose a coating product rated very high when it comes to repelling water. There are materials that take high levels of moisture over time and therefore have a higher potential for degradation.

Finally yet importantly, the level of adhesion of a roof coating can also make a difference in climates prone to severe thunderstorms. The superior level of adhesion resistance ensures that the coating product will remain in place for a longer time.

A quality, resistant and properly installed roof coating can prevent many problems during a severe thunderstorm. Wind will not tear it apart, hail and other debris (twigs, small flying objects etc.) will not cause terrible damage, and water will be prevented from infiltrating below the roof.  Find out more here