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Tips for Efficient Roof Coating Maintenance

Commercial Roof Coating Scheduled Maintenance TipsRoof coatings form strong and durable layers on roof surfaces, but to make sure that the protection lasts as long as it should, indeed, your coating will need attention and proper maintenance, too. Here is how to take care of your roof coating:

  • Cleaning – to ensure that your roof coating stays strong, inspect and clean the coated surface regularly;
  • Ensure proper drainage – most coatings serve the purpose of waterproofing the roof, but that does not mean that they can endure being exposed to water endlessly. The best way to avoid water ponding is through the regular inspection of your gutters and downspouts and the timely removal of any clog or debris that you find;
  • Protect the coating – roof coatings are sensitive to foot traffic and chemical spills, so try to avoid walking on the roof as much as possible and prevent exposing the coating to liquids that contain petroleum, solvents, acids, fats and other chemicals. Roof coatings are also sensitive to abrasion and they must not be punctured, so make sure to avoid these types of mechanical damage as well;
  • Be gentle with your roof coating – whenever you remove debris or snow, use only soft plastic tools to avoid scratching the coated surface.

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Roof Coatings Can Reduce Your Energy Bill – Here is How

Commercial Roofing Roof CoatingsRoof coatings for commercial roofing San Antonio companies are used to add an additional layer of protection to roof surfaces to ensure the roof’s problem-free operation and to prolong its lifespan. The coatings are made from special, very durable materials and they are easy to apply, too, but one of their most important benefits is that they reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling and heating the building interior – here is how:

  • Reflective properties – many roof coating products have reflective properties through which they prevent the roof from absorbing the heat of the sun. By doing so, these coatings significantly reduce the amount of heat transferred through the roofing structure to the interior spaces in the house, which will reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling the building and the energy bills;
  • Sealing the roof surface – roof coatings make the roof surface more intact, reducing the amount of heated air that can escape through the structure when the air is cold outside. By sealing off the roof surface, the coating improves the roof’s energy-efficiency, thus reducing the amount of heat necessary for warming your rooms. Needing your heaters less will be almost instantly visible on your energy bills, making the investment into a suitable, high-quality roof coating product worthwhile, indeed.
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The Many Benefits to Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Commercial Roofing Many BenefitsYour roof will certainly function without coating, but the products destined to add an extra layer of protection to your roof surface are affordable and easy to apply and they also come with lots of other great benefits – here are some:

  • Reduced cooling bills – you can find specialized roof coatings that have been developed to reflect the sun’s rays, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. A cooler roof means less heat transferred towards the building interior and cooler rooms that need less energy to be kept cool;
  • Reduced heating bills – the roof is among the largest surfaces on any building and as such, it is one of the components that lets out the most heat. Roof coatings can provide a solution to that, too, by sealing the roof surface and improving its energy-efficiency;
  • Higher Energy Star rating – the energy-efficiency rating given to your building during an inspection will determine the value of your property. Roof coatings from skilled Chicago commercial roofing contractors can improve the energy-efficiency of your roof and, consequently, they can also improve your home’s rating;
  • Protection against leaks – many roof coatings are developed especially for preventing leaks and for stopping small leaks on their tracks by adding a waterproofing layer to the roof surface;
  • Prolonged lifespan – the diverse protection that roof coatings can give your roof will make your roof live longer.
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How Roof Coatings Can Help During the Winter

Winter Roof Coatings Commercial Roofing ProductsThe best way to protect your roof is by taking steps to prevent damage and when it comes to preventing roof damage in winter, one of the most important prevention measures is the application of a suitable, winter-grade or all-temperature roof coating product on the roof’s surface. Here is how these coatings will help you preserve your roof intact and in excellent condition throughout the winter:

  • A properly applied roof coating will seal the surface of the roof, preventing the penetration of water, rust and corrosion – proper application in this case means application on a surface that is clean, dry, completely free from ice and snow (unless you are using a wet-surface product) and applying the coatings only when the ambient temperature is in the range specified in the product description or in the installation manual. Coating products also take some time to cure and to be able to deliver the desired level of protection;
  • Protection from high winds – many roof coatings form layers that make the roof more uniform. A smooth roofing surface does not have protruding areas that high winds can grab, therefore a roof protected with the right type of coating is safer in windy periods.  Find some of the best commercial roofing San Antonio roof coatings by having them professionally installed by your local roofers.
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Can Roof Coatings Prevent Roof Leaks?

Roof Coatings Prevent Roof Leaks Ask The Right Quesions

Roof coatings are special products that are applied on roof surfaces using methods similar to applying paint (coatings are brushed, rolled or sprayed onto the roof surface) and that serve the purpose of strengthening roofs in various ways. Some are intended to form a reflective layer on the surface of the roof to prevent overheating and the roof damage potentially caused by UV radiation, while others form an efficient water barrier on the roof surface that seals the roof, thus preventing the appearance of leaks and stopping small leaks. Consequently, the answer to the question in the title is yes, roof coatings can efficiently prevent roof leaks – here are the types to look for:

  • Bituminous coatings – these coatings are made from asphalt or coal tar, both being efficient waterproofing agents;
  • Polymer roof coatings – made from various synthetic resins, including silicones, acrylics and polyurethanes are also efficient for waterproofing purposes;
  • Rubberized coatings – these products are practically bituminous coatings that also contain synthetic rubber for added durability, resistance and increased water protection.

Not all roof coatings are suitable for any substrate, so before you pick your roof waterproofing product, make sure that the product you intend to buy is compatible with your roof type and material, find out more

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How A Roof Coating Can Help Protect Your Business

Roof Coaters Protect Your Commercial RoofRoof coatings can protect your roof in various ways, shielding it from the sun’s rays and preventing leaks and they can do one more thing: they can protect your business. Here is how:

  • Prolonging the life of your roof – the roof on your business facility is one of the most expensive components of your building envelopes and a premature replacement will surely be hard on your budget. Applying the right type of roof coating with services from Ultimate Roof Coaters in Chicago can efficiently preserve the condition of your roof, potentially prolonging the lifespan of the roof (provided that the coating is applied correctly and reapplied at the intervals recommended in the instructions);
  • Reducing the risk of disruption – any leak and roof damage disrupts your business activities. Fortunately, roof coatings can reduce the risks of such disruption to the minimum;
  • Improved energy efficiency – there are many roof coating products that protect roofs by preventing overheating and form a shield in front of solar radiation. As these coatings reduce the temperature of the roof even when the sun is scorching, they also reduce the amount of heat transferred from the roof into the interior spaces as well as the energy necessary for cooling the interior of the building.
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Which Commercial Roof Coating Is Best?

Metal Aluninum Facade Commercial Roofing

The best roof coating is one that you select to meet your specific needs in terms of roof protection – here are the features offered by roof coating products:

  • Solar protection – the sun’s rays bombard roofs with heat and UV radiation, both being very harmful for roofs, commercial, industrial and residential alike. Today, there are many different coating options available for offering roofs the solar protection they need, the two most common options being acrylic coatings and rubber coating products;
  • Energy efficiency – many coatings that provide solar protection will also reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof, thus reducing the energy necessary for cooling the building interior and you can also find coatings that provide a thermal barrier on the surface of the roof that prevents heated air from escaping through the roof in winter;
  • Waterproofing – ponding water and prolonged rainy periods are also very harmful for roofs. While much of that harm can be prevented with a well-installed roof surrounded by a proper, well-maintained drainage system, your commercial roof can surely do with some additional waterproofing, unless of course it is the metal roofing San Antonio buildings are known for. To achieve that, have a look at the coating products developed for providing an efficient water barrier, such as silicone or rubberized coatings.
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What Are Commercial Roof Coatings?

Chicago Commercial Roof Coating Options

Commercial roof coatings are products applied on roof surfaces with the purpose of improving the roof’s durability and resistance. Some roof coatings form a waterproofing layer on the roof to prevent and to stop leaks, others reflect the sun’s rays to keep the roof cooler and to protect the roof surface from the harm potentially caused by UV rays, thus reducing heating bills.

Commercial roofing Chicago products come in many forms and types, the most common ones being silicone, preferred for its waterproofing qualities, polyurethane that also offers enhanced protection from water damage and acrylic coatings, preferred for their UV-protective qualities.

Roof coatings come in many forms and types, but they all share one quality: they are very easy to install. Most coating products are similar to paint in terms of consistency and they are also applied on the roof in ways similar to applying paint – some coatings are spread with brushes, others are sprayed from cans. Some coating products come with special instructions regarding the ambient temperature range suitable for the installation; some products are installed directly on the cleaned roof surface, others need priming before application, but the process is quick and easy with all coating products. Roof coatings need to be reapplied at regular intervals – information about that aspect is included in the instructions attached to the product.