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Do You Replace or Repair an Existing Roof Coating?

Roof coating products are varied in terms of the method of application, the color and the issues that they are suitable for, but they are all developed to provide long-term, durable protection to the roof they are applied on. However, even these resistant and durable layers can get worn or damaged by extreme conditions, such as harsh storms.

The coating that you apply on your roof serves the purpose of protecting the roof, so if the coating gets damaged, there are two ways to fix the problem: you can either replace the existing roof coating or repair it. Roof coatings being strong as they are, in most cases, the damage affects only small parts of the coated surface, so it is usually enough to reapply the product in the damaged area. There are some coating types, such as rolled-out materials installed by rubber roofing Chicago area roofers that are more difficult to correct and might require partial replacement, but the products thar are applied in ways similar to paint, such as the coatings that are applied with a brush, a roll or from a spray can are easy to correct. The process will restore the durability of the coating and ensures that the roofing continues to provide suitable protection for your roof.

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Can Color Be Added to Roof Coating Materials?

Commercial Roofing Coatings ContractorsRoof coating products provide great, easy to use solutions for a variety of roofing issues and they come in just as many colors- whether you need a coating to improve your roof’s weather-resistance or its thermal efficiency, you can choose from many different colors to match your coating to the overall design of your building.

Roof coatings come in many forms and consistencies – some are applied in ways similar to applying paint, with the help of brushes, others are rolled out or sprayed. Some coating products are transparent, the desired hue being achieved by adding pigments, while others come stained from the factory. Most coating manufacturers provide a range of basic colors, such as beige, red and green and offer to produce special colors upon request, while others provide a wide range of pigments for the user to add to a transparent base.

Whichever of the above solutions or types of products you choose, there are two aspects that you should bear in mind when you pick the color of the coating: the color scheme used on the building and the desired effects. You must be aware that lighter colors reflect heat, preventing the roof from absorbing heat, while darker colors absorb more heat, therefore darker roofs also transfer more heat towards the interior spaces in the building.  Talking with experienced commercial roofing contractors San Antonio TX has that do roof coatings as their main business will help you understand what is best for your roof.

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How Long Does the Commercial Roof Coating Process Take?

Commercial Flat Roof Coating Process

Applying a resistant and durable layer of protective coating on your commercial flat roof Chicago building is a quick and easy process, though the application itself needs to be preceded by roof preparation. Here is how to do it right:

  • Inspect, clean and repair the roof – roof coating can be correctly applied only on a surface that is smooth and free from faults and contaminants, therefore the first step of the roof coating process must be a careful inspection to reveal any roofing problems, thorough roof cleaning and the repair of any issues detected during the inspection. If the cleaning is done with methods that leave the roof surface wet or moist, you need to wait until the roof is completely dry before you apply the coating;
  • Apply the coating – roof coating products come with detailed application instructions that must be followed. Most coatings are applied with a brush, a roller or a spray can, in repeated layers until the right thickness is achieved. Each layer is applied only when the previous one is dry – the instructions will tell you exactly how long you should wait before the next layer can be applied. When the coating on the roof is on the right thickness, the process is complete, but the surface will be practicable only after the coating cures.
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Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Roof Coating This Winter

Commercial Roof Coating Winter MaintenanceThe maintenance of your commercial roof surface is a continuous process that should not be neglected in winter either. Here are some tips about how to maintain your coated roof throughout the cold season:

  • Always pay attention to safety – before you do any kind of maintenance work on your roof, make sure that climbing up to the roof or, if necessary, stepping and walking on the roof can be done in safety. Check the strength of the surface as well as the existence of anchor points and make sure to wear the right kind of safety equipment;
  • Remove excess snow – one of the worst enemies of any roof is the pressure caused by the weight of snow and ice. Take a look at the roof after each snowy period – if you notice that the layer of snow on the roof is too thick, grab a roof rake and remove it as soon as you can;
  • Remove ice dams – ice dams are a sign of energy slippage that you will need to correct when the weather turns warm. In winter, however, the only thing that you can do about them is to remove them gently, paying attention not to damage the gutter or the roof edge that they are attached to.

The professional roofers at can do seasonal roof inspections and cleanings to help you maintain a solid roofing system.

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How You Can Increase Your Roof Longevity with Roof Coatings

Ultimate Roof Increase Longevity

Roofs can last for decades, depending on the materials they are made from and the climate conditions they are exposed to. If you are looking for ways to prolong the lifespan of your roof, you have many options, one of the most cost-efficient, easiest and most efficient methods being the application of a suitable roof coating by Ultimate Roof Coaters of San Antonio. Here is how the simple procedure can increase the longevity pf your roof:

  • Leak prevention – most roofs start developing minor leaks after 5-10 years and the leaks start growing and becoming increasingly difficult to repair gradually. Roof coatings can seal the roof surface, preventing the roofing material’s direct exposure to water, thus preventing leaks, too. Waterproof coatings are applied in sensitive roofing areas, such as the seams and the valleys, therefore they are excellent, low-cost ways to reinforce those areas;
  • Protection from solar radiation – even the strongest roof can suffer when it needs to withstand harsh UV radiation for too long. The coating products that have been developed for solar protection prevent that kind of damage by reflecting the sun’s rays. The right type of coating, applied correctly comes with the extra benefit of preventing the roof from overheating, thus decreasing the amount of heat that enters the interior spaces of the building through its topmost layer of defense.
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Can Roof Coatings Help Offset Energy Costs for Your Building?

Offset Energy Costs Commercial Roofing CoatingsRoof coatings come with lots of great benefits, one of these advantages being reduced energy costs – the roof coating of the right type and color can reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof from solar radiations and can also reduce the amount of heat that slips out through the roof.

The two features are called solar reflectance and thermal emittance, both measures on a scale from 0 to 1 – the higher value of the parameter offered by your roofing material and roof coating, the cooler the roof. The roof coatings that offer the highest solar reflectance are usually light-colored products because light hues reflect the suns’s rays more efficiently than darker shades. Thermal emittance depends more on the material of the coating than on the color – there are many great coating products available that seal the roof’s surface and prevent the air that you heat or cool inside with so much cost from slipping out.

Beside increased energy efficiency San Antonio TX commercial roofing coatings provide many other benefits as well. Being made from durable materials, roof coatings can efficiently increase the durability of your roof, too, they can also improve the comfort enjoyed by the building’s occupants and it improves the appearance of your entire building, too.

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What Roof Coatings Are Most Popular for Businesses?

Most Popular Flat Roof Repair Roof Coating ProductsRoof coatings are products designed to prevent specific roof problems, to protect the roof from harm and to prolong the lifespan of the structure. Coatings can be applied on most roof types, the roof types used on business premises and commercial building being especially suitable for being coated. Here are the most common coating types used on business buildings:

  • Acrylic coatings – these water-based products come with excellent reflective properties and are suitable for reducing the temperature of the roof in very hot areas;
  • Polyurethane coatings – these solvent-based coatings come in two types: aromatic products that are resistant to water, but not to UV radiation and aliphatic products that are resistant to the sun’s rays, too, so the two types are often used combined. Urethane coatings also offer high resistance to abrasion, therefore they are the preferred solution in hail-prone areas;
  • Silicone coatings – these coats provide excellent performance in high solar radiation and they can endure the prolonged exposure to water, too, therefore they are suitable for sunny, arid areas as well as for wet climate zones.

These roof coating materials are easy to apply for flat roof repair Chicago businesses, they take very short to cure and they are also affordable, providing excellent roof protection solutions for any roof.