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What Should You Expect When Meeting with Your Roofer?

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When  you meet with your Aurora commercial roofing professional to discuss a new roofing project, you might consider that the meeting should only be a formality. After all, you’ve already thought about what you want, and the process would ideally be similar to that of buying your favorite products from the supermarket. Unfortunately, it’s not typically that simple. Fortunately, however, your friendly local roofers can really help you out.


As soon as you schedule a meeting with a reliable and trustworthy roofer, you can expect them to be extremely helpful, punctual and flexible. They will be willing to work around your schedule rather than imposing their own times, and they will try their best to give you advice even during your initial phone call.


During the meeting, it’s important to give them as much information about what you want and need as possible. However, based on just a few details, they can usually formulate a plan of action and ask you a few relevant question which, once answered, will fill in all the blanks.


You can also have them inspect your roof before they give their verdict. That course of action will actually be very helpful, as they can check all the issues associated with your roof, give you a detailed written estimate, and propose solutions that you might not even have thought about.

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When Is the Right Time to Have Your New Roof Inspected?


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If you just installed a brand new roof not long ago, you might think that there’s no need to have it inspected or to do any maintenance. A lot of people fall into this trap from the very first year of owning their roofs, and even from that time, they may experience a lot of difficulties and a lot of damage.


The fact is that Chicago commercial roofing contractors and roofs are never perfect. Even though you might have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof, and hired one of the best contractors in the trade, faulty equipment, bad materials or bad workmanship can still become a problem. Maybe the roofers failed to secure a part of the underlayment properly, or some of the shingles turned out to be a bad batch. Regardless of the reason, it’s possible for issues to occur, and once a storm comes, it’s also very possible for them to lead to the onset of storm damage very easily.


So, from the very start it’s a good idea to schedule a detailed roof inspection around the end of autumn or close to the beginning of winter. A roof inspection will tell you if your new roof has sustained any damage or if there are any parts that are weakened and have to be repaired or replaced.

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A Look at How Aurora Winters Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

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In Aurora, as in the rest of Illinois, winter conditions can be pretty bad. Close to being the northernmost part of the country, Aurora is often plagued by extreme winter temperatures, strong blizzards and sudden temperature drops.


As you might imagine, this type of climate can have a very powerful negative effect on even the sturdiest commercial roofing Aurora systems. Depending on the type of roof you own, the effects might be felt sooner rather than later, and you’ll find yourself constantly having to take precautions and inspect your roof thoroughly before the onset of winter.


Leaks are not typically caused by cold temperatures as easily as they are caused by hail, flashing damage or damaged roofing elements following storms. However, when your roof includes metallic elements, the combination of sudden temperature drops causing metal to contract, and heavy snow and ice buildup on your roof, can lead to weakened metal flashing and panels to give way. Once the snow starts melting, you’ll soon notice leaks that were not there before, and that sometimes have to be addressed as soon as possible.


To prevent Aurora winters from causing your roof to leak, your best course of action is to call a professional roofer before winter, so they can inspect your roof and check for weakened elements that should be reinforced, replaced or upgraded.

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The Art of Protecting Your Roof from the Harsh Elements of Winter

workers commercial metal roofing installationRoofing can be difficult at the best of time, and when you live in an area where the climate permits temperatures of far below freezing during the winter, your job of protecting your building and your roof can be even more difficult.


When it comes to winter, you have to think ahead and consider the state of your roof as well as its construction. If you own a slate, concrete or metal roofing Chicago area, you’re better off than a lot of people who have to rely on cheap wood or asphalt shingle roofing, and typically need to invest a lot more into upgrades, coating or repairs.


Before the arrival of winter, it’s important to start by getting a thorough, professional roof inspection to check how well your roof is doing. Depending on how old it is, you might consider a few reinforcements, or a partial or complete roof replacement. For newer roofs, it’s a great idea to seal it by covering your roof with a type of protective coating that will defend it from harsh winter conditions.


Finally, make sure you not only check for leaks and visible damage, but also for unseen damage and weak spots that will almost certainly fail during the winter season. Working to reinforce these areas can save you a lot of effort and money once spring is here.