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The Importance of Finding Commercial Roofing Solutions by Qualified and Licensed Contractors

Important roofing commercial contractors solutions

Commercial roofing can be a lot more complex than residential roofing projects, and not just because some commercial roofs are larger or more complicated. In fact, many commercial buildings have roofs that can be fixed with a little caulking or self-adhesive tape, and the entire process of fixing a bad leak might last less than a single work day in some cases.


The issue arises, however, since commercial companies are most often targeted by scammers trying to make a handsome buck, as well as less experienced, unlicensed roofers trying to prove themselves and working for less money. While some of these individuals might be well-intention,  many are not qualified to provide you with the level of professional work that you require of them.


Another reason to hire qualified and licensed Aurora commercial roofing contractors is that your insurance might not cover fixing or replacing a roof that had previously been repaired by an unlicensed contractor. In many areas, insurance companies will take issue with that fact if they find out about it, so if the faulty repair that might have caused the roof to fail is obvious, you could be looking at having to pay a hefty amount to get your roof replaced.

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Which Roof Coatings Work the Best to Protect Your Roof Against Environmental Stressors?

roof coaters roofer working

Whether you own a flat roof or a sloped roof, upgrading to coated roofing systems can carry a lot of weight in terms of providing your home or commercial building with added protection against rain, hail and harmful UV radiation.


Depending on the type of roof you own, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best coating and avoid making decisions on a whim. It might also be good to read up on which types of coatings offer added protection in the face of multiple stressors, such as, for instance, preventing heat loss and adding waterproof protection into the mix at the same time.


The best roof coatings, however, are considered to be the ones made from silicone. They are the preferred choice because silicone can protect against both UV radiation and rain, being an excellent choice for cool roofs as well as waterproof roofing, and being equally as effective in commercial and residential roofing applications.


Premium white roof coating, elastomeric coating and different varieties of both of these products issued by various contractors in your area such as might also be worth a look, if you’re trying to find alternatives to silicone coatings that might also offer different levels of protection as well.

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How to Go About Finding the Right Flat Roof Repair Company in Chicago

How to find flat roof company roofers

When you want to find a solution for fixing your flat roof in Chicago, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to get a cheaper roofer by avoiding licensed professionals. The state of Illinois requires all roofing professionals to have a roofing license, and commercial roofing experts are most often targeted when it comes to regulating that law. As such, you should always start out with the idea of finding a licensed, insured and bonded commercial roofing contractor.


There are three essential types of roofing systems that are associated with flat roofing in Chicago: asphalt, rubber and synthetic membrane roofing. Most commercial roofers will specialize in either one or more of these, and one of the first things you have to do is determine what the company’s specialization is when you find one.


Look through local directories and maps to find the contact information for a flat roof Chicago company, official websites and specialization details of the major roofers in Chicago, and try to narrow it down to the ones specializing in the type of roof you own. After that, a thorough background check, reading through reviews and actually calling the company to see how they deal with new clients will help you determine which one to choose for your repair project.

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Chicago Flat Roof Repair Done Right – What Do You Need to Consider?

bitumen flat roof repair product services

Flat roofs are typically synthetic in their construction, and the simplicity of their structure makes them relatively easy to fix. Unlike a sloped roofing system, commercial flat roofs in Chicago are far simpler and easier to repair, especially since the state of Illinois requires all roofing to be regulated and everyone working on commercial roofing projects to have a state license for commercial roofing.


The process of repairing a flat roof generally depends on the type of roof you own. Most synthetic flat roofs, such as PVC and EPDM, will only require an adhesive patch. In the case of EPDM roofing, your best choice is to use an EPDM primer and then add self-adhesive rubber tape to seal it most effectively. For asphalt flat roofs, however, caulking will be necessary, or you can choose to reseal the roof with bitumen.


Fixing a flat roof is easy enough, though most experts agree that it’s better to weatherproof your flat roof through preventive measures in order to save money and preserve the roof over time. For many types of flat roofs, adding flashing or a protective coating or membrane for weatherproofing is the best choice. In Chicago, both options are recommended by most flat roof repair Chicago roofers, and it will ultimately be up to you and your budget as to which one you will select.