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What Is A Commercial Roofing System?

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A commercial roofing system refers to the type of roof that is used for a commercial property. Generally, there are many differences between residential and commercial roofs. This is usually determined by the slope that is needed for building a proper roof for a commercial building. Thus, commercial buildings tend to have less sloped roofs, and therefore are built from different materials than the residential roofs and with different techniques also.

Because of the often big size of commercial buildings, they need flatter roofs, which are less visible from the ground. The past few years brought many innovations in terms of materials for commercial roofing system, namely those which have more resistance to extreme temperatures, while also helping reduce heating and cooling expenses.

Low slope roofs are typical for commercial buildings, warehouses, big box stores, etc. PVC, TPO and EPDM are some of the most common materials for this specific type of roof.

Steep slope roofs are more likely to be seen for houses or multi-family homes. The most frequently used materials for this roofing system include slate, tile, metal, shingles or roof coating Aurora companies apply.

Green roofs help reducing energy costs due to their natural insulation properties. At the same time, they can help create a charming environment both for people, and their animals.

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How Flat Roof Repair Is Done

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Having to fix a leaky flat roof can be a frustrating experience. At the same time, if the work is not properly done, this can severely damage your property and decrease its value and integrity. The flat roof repair Aurora area can vary from very simple to incredibly complex, depending on the type of material, on the technique used for its installation, and so on.

The most commonly used types of flat roof materials which are used all throughout the USA include: rubber or EPDM, PVC, BUR (tar and gravel roofing), modified bitumen or TPO roofing. In case the leaks are minor, it is possible to fix the damage yourselves, especially if you have experience in doing construction works.

But in case you feel that you may not be able to fix your flat roof on your own, you should definitely ask for help from the part of a professional team, thus protecting your investment and keeping your peace of mind intact.

In case your roof is rather old, you may consider replacing it, partially or entirely, rather than fixing it. At any rate, in case you notice signs of damage, you should never hesitate to have your roof checked by a team of roofing experts.


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Commercial Roofing Company In Chicago

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A good roofing company offers customers both good quality materials, and expert techniques, all combined to create a solid, long-lasting roof for your commercial property.

Commercial roofing companies in Chicago can work on roof installation and replacement projects, metal roofing refurbishment, included the one for round and flat roofs. There are many roofing companies in Chicago that specialize in commercial roof installation, repair or replacement. While looking for one, you should check their reviews and recommendations, how long they have been in business, if they are licensed or any other details which can help you determine the quality of their work.

There are several types of materials you can use for your commercial roof. One good example in this sense would be the spray polyurethane foam roofing. This type of material is sprayed as a liquid so that it can spread like foam, creating a flexible, yet solid membrane on your roof. This type of material is energy efficient, while also being durable and waterproof.

Single-ply membrane is another great choice for your Chicago commercial roofing. It can come in various forms and styles, to suit your needs and your budget. Metal roofing is one of the oldest choices to be found on the market.  You may also consider roof coating Chicago roofers can apply fairly easily.


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Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

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One of the biggest and most obvious signs that your roof may need repairs is the fact that there is an excessive amount of water accumulating up there, on top of your building. Of course, the degree of damage depends on the exact type of material that your flat roof if made of, on its style, and so on.

The fact is, flat roofs may develop ripping and tearing. In case the damage is less serious, repair can be done faster and at fewer costs. Nevertheless, if the damage is more extended, then you may consider replacing your roof entirely.

Although it may be simple to find signs of damage in flat roofs made of membranes, in case the roofing material is more rigid, this can be a bit more challenging. This could be the case of a tar and gravel type of roof.

It can be difficult to decide if you should keep repairing a flat roof that gets damaged, or replace it altogether. The general rule of thumb is as follows: if your roof material is close to its lifespan, then you should perhaps consider replacing your roof. At any rate, a rubber roofing Chicago contractor can help you decide on the best course of action for your actual situation.