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Is Summer a Good Time for Commercial Roof Replacement in Chicago?

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Commercial roof replacement sometimes requires much more time than a conventional residential replacement job, and it’s also more demanding and difficult to manage at times. In Chicago, many times of the year you’ll find that your roofing projects will be delayed by bad weather, and you’ll have to reschedule or ask your roofers to come back as soon as possible after the storm stops.


The summer is among the most stable times in Chicago, and this is also the right time for scheduling and organizing grander construction and roofing projects. If you want to have your large commercial roof replaced with a brand new, complex and highly resilient flat roofing system, then this is the right time for it.


Another reason why summer might be a great time for roof replacement is that a lot of business owners tend to go on vacation or travel out of state during this time. That means commercial roofers won’t be that busy, especially during the month of July and August. So you can contact the best roofers  at Ultimate Roof Coaters in this time to get your roof replaced or repaired, and you might even get an excellent offer as part of a commercial roofing discount only provided to their best customers.

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How Does the Weather in Chicago Impact Your Old Commercial Roof?

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The weather in Chicago can be unpredictable and difficult to deal with. If it’s summer, the heat can actually be pretty problematic, and if it’s winter, or autumn, the cold weather and precipitation will be enough to get your roof damaged pretty badly, if you haven’t been taking proper care of it.


Illinois in general and the city of Chicago in particular will turn out to be a place where all four seasons are equally well-represented, so you’ll have to be very careful when it comes to making sure your commercial roof doesn’t sustain any damage.


The cold weather during the winter time can be one of the major threats in Chicago. Even though there are no tornadoes or hurricanes in the area, the winter storms that sometimes hit Chicago will damage your roof through wind damage, reduced temperature conditions, snow buildup and ice dam formation. As for the autumn and spring, storms are pretty common, so you will have to either make sure your roof will be sturdy enough to withstand storm damage, or that you can find a sturdier replacement that will.


Your best chance at ensuring that your roof makes it out alive after a full year of withstanding Chicago’s difficult weather is to hire a reputable and skilled rubber roofing Chicago contractor who will help you with roof inspections, maintenance and preventive repairs that could minimize the damage that your roof might sustain.

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How to Find a Reputable Roofer When You Own a Building in Chicago

How To Commercial Roofing Contractors Find The Best

As the owner of a commercial building, you have to make sure that every little detail regarding how your building operates and how it keeps your staff warm and safe can be accounted for. Also, any issues that can cause leaks are especially dangerous and have to be tackled as soon as possible, as water damage can lead to expensive equipment and important paperwork and supplies being destroyed, especially if you keep some of them in the attic or on the top floor.


Finding a reputable roofer will help you prevent any of these issues by working on the maintenance and repair requirements of your commercial roof. In Chicago, it’s very important to make sure your roof stays in good working condition, particularly because of the climate, which can involve sharp temperature changes, extreme cold during the winter and occasional, problematic storms.


The main steps to take when looking for reputable and skilled Chicago commercial roofing contractors is to ensure that they are transparent and trustworthy and that they have at least 5-10 years of experience in the industry. They should also be licensed, insured and bonded to provide you with the assurance that they’ll help you out no matter what might happen that could be unforeseen. Finally, make sure that they give you a detailed, written estimate that will allow you to make an informed choice regarding your roofing project.