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Can Color Be Added to Roof Coating Materials?

Commercial Roofing Coatings ContractorsRoof coating products provide great, easy to use solutions for a variety of roofing issues and they come in just as many colors- whether you need a coating to improve your roof’s weather-resistance or its thermal efficiency, you can choose from many different colors to match your coating to the overall design of your building.

Roof coatings come in many forms and consistencies – some are applied in ways similar to applying paint, with the help of brushes, others are rolled out or sprayed. Some coating products are transparent, the desired hue being achieved by adding pigments, while others come stained from the factory. Most coating manufacturers provide a range of basic colors, such as beige, red and green and offer to produce special colors upon request, while others provide a wide range of pigments for the user to add to a transparent base.

Whichever of the above solutions or types of products you choose, there are two aspects that you should bear in mind when you pick the color of the coating: the color scheme used on the building and the desired effects. You must be aware that lighter colors reflect heat, preventing the roof from absorbing heat, while darker colors absorb more heat, therefore darker roofs also transfer more heat towards the interior spaces in the building.  Talking with experienced commercial roofing contractors San Antonio TX has that do roof coatings as their main business will help you understand what is best for your roof.