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What Is Commercial Roof Coating?

bitumen roll roof coating commercial productsMany people may be interested in roof coatings, but have limited information on the subject. Thus, they find it hard to make an informed shopping decision, and therefore do not rush to invest in this often expensive type of material. Roof coatings are new on the market, and that is why people know so little about them.

Roof coatings are designed to improve the quality of a roof, prolonging its lifespan. They can be sprayed or roll-applied straight to your already existing roof surface. Due to their monolithic structure, self-adhering capacities and flashing capabilities, roof coatings can protect your roof from leaks. Moreover, commercial roof coatings are also UV resistant, which helps keep the interior of your building cooler during the hot summer days.

There are several different commercial roof coatings available on the roofing market. We can thus speak of roof coatings made of aluminum, acrylic, silicone or polyurethane. Apart from protecting your roof from leaks and damaging UV rays, roof coatings are also easy to install, which can save you from a lot of money and stress.

Of course, before being able to apply a commercial roof coating to your building, you need to have your roof inspected, make any necessary repairs, and clean your roof by

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When Is It Time to Call a Chicago Commercial Roofing Company?

Whether you need a commercial roof replacement, or you’re having trouble with roof maintenance and the need for minor repairs, calling in a professional is always a beneficial thing to do. Here are just a few cases when the presence of a metal roofing Chicago professional can really make a difference:


  1. One of the main reasons for calling a Chicago roofer is if your roof hasn’t been inspected in a while. Roofers recommend even newer commercial systems to be inspected at least once every 6 months to a year, in order to make sure there is no lasting damage and that any minor problem can be rectified before it gets more serious.
  2. You might notice some minor leaks on the ceiling at your building’s top floor, or maybe the AC in that area of the building has to constantly work overtime during the summer. These are possible roofing issues that might need your immediate attention. In some cases, if there are problems with the roof’s ventilation system and insulation, you need to call in a professional roofer right away.
  3. Chicago roofing professionals can also tell you if you can get away with spending less money to repair your commercial roof, or if it has to be replaced. It’s necessary to call in a roofer for an impromptu roof inspection if your roof is older and it was severely damaged by a storms. Sometimes in these situations it’s imperative that you have your roof replaced, and any delay will only cause more problems down the line.
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How Chicago Roofing Experts Can Help You Fix Your Roof and Save Cash

save money ultimate roof coaters

In Chicago, roofing experts are present to handle a lot of problems very quickly. Roofing issues here are more common than you might think, as Chicago has remarkably cold winters and the temperature fluctuations in the area can be pretty bad. Also, it’s not uncommon to encounter severe storms even in the summer, and homeowners constantly have to deal with having to fix their roofs at odd times.


Local roofing professionals are used to these issues, and they’re  definitely equipped to deal with them:


  • Chicago has some of the best and most knowledgeable roof repair experts who can solve complex problems with the simplest and most practical of solutions.
  • Many Chicago roofers are experienced and licensed, so you don’t have to worry about finding a roofing professional who doesn’t have the necessary expertise to help you out.
  • In some cases, roofers are faced with the option of telling a homeowner that their roof can’t be fixed and has to be replaced, while that’s not entirely true. Chicago experts have the integrity to inform you about your roof’s actual state and do what they can to repair it, if the possibility is still there.
  • Also you won’t find many Chicago roofers asking for unreasonable upfront payments or trying to push a verbal agreement. They will provide you with written quotes, and they are insured and bonded, so you can rely on them to have the integrity you expect from a professional roofer found at
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Typical Signs of Roof Damage That Could Cost You a Lot Down the Line

roof coaters ultimate protection repair contractor roofing

People don’t always pay attention to the early signs of roofing damage. The issue is that, even though these types of damage are not necessarily threatening right away, they can become a very real problem after being left unchecked for some time.  Companies like Ultimate Roof Coaters can conduct a roof inspection and save you money.


Imagine having a roofing problem such as a simple damaged piece of flashing. Flashing is normally designed to keep water away from the valley regions of the roof. If your flashing is only slightly damaged, then it might still keep water away for some time. However, as the fall arrives and storms precipitate, you might be looking at some very real flashing damage that can cause leaks and lead to problems involving the internal structure of the roof – such as local parts of the underlayment and decking.


The issue here is that, if you don’t address the issue right away, you might be looking at not only having to fix the damaged flashing, but also having to address the internal structure of your roof, as well as parts of your attic and possibly even your interior walls downstairs. Once they are affected, there’s nothing to stop the water from reaching some of your prized furniture items and other belongings.

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Commercial Roofing Pros Can Help You Find the Problem and Fix It Quickly

metal roofing commercial contractors good getDo you have a commercial roof? Unfortunately, many older commercial roofing systems were barely designed to last for more than 10-20 years. In some cases, they’d withstand the test of time for more than 35 years, but that’s still pretty rare and only found in the case of some specific roofing materials.


Fortunately commercial roofers can find your problem pretty easily. Commercial roofing professionals already know all about the construction of your roof and what might cause it some damage, and then suggest a valid change and enact it. Commercial metal roofing Aurora experts will typically work quickly and without making you worry that they won’t locate the real issue.


The great thing about commercial roofing experts is that they are also able to come up with new and ingenious solutions to help identify the problem and come up with a valid solution. As such, you can simply call them in confidently, book them for a complete roof inspection for your commercial roof, and then have them get to work on any required repairs that could be found.


The best commercial roofing experts will work fast, get to the root of the problem without difficulty, and fix it properly on the first try. That is one of the best aspects of hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor even for minor repairs that you could probably do yourself.

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Should Your Spring Cleaning Practices Also Include Your Roof?

spring cleaning roof coaters

Spring cleaning usually involves cleaning the entire house, getting rid of old, damaged items and creating an overall refreshing air of renewal. However, many roofing experts claim that it should also include roof cleaning and maintenance.


Now, there is good reason behind this claim, since the following arguments stand true:


  • Your roof could have suffered extensive damage due to having to bear large quantities of heavy ice and snow during the winter.
  • Snow storms could have caused a lot of damage.
  • There might still be debris left from last fall, especially if you didn’t clear away the old dead leaves and branches that may have fallen on your roof from a nearby tree.


These issues warrant at least a thorough cleaning, if not the presence of a skilled and experienced roofer at With the best roofing contractor taking a look at your roof, you will get the best advice in the industry. Most likely, they will advise you on cleaning the roof and having them or another roofer fix any minor issues such as small leaks and damaged flashing. Once the process is complete, you won’t have to deal with problematic debris, unwanted roof leakage or having your roof’s overall lifespan cut down to size.

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What Is Commercial Flat Roof Repair?

What You Need To Know Flat Roof RepairCommercial flat roof repairs refer to the action of repairing your commercial roofing system. It is your commercial roof structure and the exact issues that determine the exact costs of such repairs.

Roof repairs can, in some cases, be covered by the insurance of a building. However, this highly depends on your insurer and your specific policies.

We may think that all roofs are the same. However, there are huge differences between a residential and a commercial roof. It usually takes a professional flat roof repair Aurora roofing team to build a flat roof. Therefore, fixing a commercial flat roof should also be done with the help of roofing experts.

Installing and repairing a commercial flat roof implies more skills and knowledge, including working around special areas and using safety equipment. Air flow systems and exterior piping systems are some other zones that roofers need to be careful about while repairing a flat roof.

The drainage system can be another area where there may be some deficiencies. For flat roofs, standing water can often pose threats, as it may lead to leaks inside the building and further deterioration of their structure.

Another potential problem that commercial roofs may encounter is the one caused by adjacent buildings, i.e. buildings located in the proximity of your commercial property.

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When Is the Right Time to Have Your New Roof Inspected?


Right way roofing contractors roof installation

If you just installed a brand new roof not long ago, you might think that there’s no need to have it inspected or to do any maintenance. A lot of people fall into this trap from the very first year of owning their roofs, and even from that time, they may experience a lot of difficulties and a lot of damage.


The fact is that Chicago commercial roofing contractors and roofs are never perfect. Even though you might have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof, and hired one of the best contractors in the trade, faulty equipment, bad materials or bad workmanship can still become a problem. Maybe the roofers failed to secure a part of the underlayment properly, or some of the shingles turned out to be a bad batch. Regardless of the reason, it’s possible for issues to occur, and once a storm comes, it’s also very possible for them to lead to the onset of storm damage very easily.


So, from the very start it’s a good idea to schedule a detailed roof inspection around the end of autumn or close to the beginning of winter. A roof inspection will tell you if your new roof has sustained any damage or if there are any parts that are weakened and have to be repaired or replaced.

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Do You Replace or Repair an Existing Roof Coating?

Roof coating products are varied in terms of the method of application, the color and the issues that they are suitable for, but they are all developed to provide long-term, durable protection to the roof they are applied on. However, even these resistant and durable layers can get worn or damaged by extreme conditions, such as harsh storms.

The coating that you apply on your roof serves the purpose of protecting the roof, so if the coating gets damaged, there are two ways to fix the problem: you can either replace the existing roof coating or repair it. Roof coatings being strong as they are, in most cases, the damage affects only small parts of the coated surface, so it is usually enough to reapply the product in the damaged area. There are some coating types, such as rolled-out materials installed by rubber roofing Chicago area roofers that are more difficult to correct and might require partial replacement, but the products thar are applied in ways similar to paint, such as the coatings that are applied with a brush, a roll or from a spray can are easy to correct. The process will restore the durability of the coating and ensures that the roofing continues to provide suitable protection for your roof.

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How You Can Increase Your Roof Longevity with Roof Coatings

Ultimate Roof Increase Longevity

Roofs can last for decades, depending on the materials they are made from and the climate conditions they are exposed to. If you are looking for ways to prolong the lifespan of your roof, you have many options, one of the most cost-efficient, easiest and most efficient methods being the application of a suitable roof coating by Ultimate Roof Coaters of San Antonio. Here is how the simple procedure can increase the longevity pf your roof:

  • Leak prevention – most roofs start developing minor leaks after 5-10 years and the leaks start growing and becoming increasingly difficult to repair gradually. Roof coatings can seal the roof surface, preventing the roofing material’s direct exposure to water, thus preventing leaks, too. Waterproof coatings are applied in sensitive roofing areas, such as the seams and the valleys, therefore they are excellent, low-cost ways to reinforce those areas;
  • Protection from solar radiation – even the strongest roof can suffer when it needs to withstand harsh UV radiation for too long. The coating products that have been developed for solar protection prevent that kind of damage by reflecting the sun’s rays. The right type of coating, applied correctly comes with the extra benefit of preventing the roof from overheating, thus decreasing the amount of heat that enters the interior spaces of the building through its topmost layer of defense.