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Chicago Summer Heat Effects On Commercial Roofs

chicago commercial roofing coating summer heat enduranceChicago is well-known for its sometimes extremely hot temperatures in the summertime, which even caused a lot of troubles in the past, when vulnerable categories such as the elderly or those who have cardiovascular diseases suffered a lot, and some even died, back in 1995. Therefore, many efforts are made nowadays to prevent such unwanted accidents from happening again, and the roofing systems certainly can help a lot.

For instance, green roofs can be an excellent option for commercial roofs, as they have reflective properties and keep your buildings cool on the inside. Of course, insulation also has a lot to say in this, and so are the types of coatings applied to a commercial roof.

In case your Chicago commercial roof is made of PVC or TPO, you can also plant a garden on top of it. There are many solutions for waterproofing this type of roof, and they can certainly help keep temperatures at normal levels inside, while also allowing plants to grow on the outside.

Placing sun tunnels can be another amazing idea, which enables you to properly control interior temperatures and keep employees and customers safe from the often dangerous effects of extremely increased temperatures during the warm season.  Look to Ultimate Roofing Coaters to find some of the best in roof coating Chicago is home to for your commercial building.