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How Are Roof Coatings Really Able to Help with Heat Damage?

How Roof Coatings Work

There are several types of heat damage you have to look out for. One is the damage that the heat of the sun does to your roof or home. This damage is usually observed over a long term period, as the sun’s UV radiation tends to discolor the roof and cause the shingles, panels or membrane to lose its original form or texture, thereby losing at least some of its efficiency in protecting your home. Another type of heat damage comes from fires that are out of control, either present directly on the roof or nearby.


Both types of heat damage have to be taken seriously, since they can severely damage your roof and your home. The latter can even end up burning down your entire house, and even a few minutes or hours can count in that regard.


Roof coating acts by boosting your roof’s fire resistance and heat resistance. This can be an invaluable asset when you’re dealing with a fire that is out of control, since your roof’s added resistance means your home will last a little longer – giving you time to act, by keeping the fire under control or calling the firefighters on time.


As for mild heat damage induced by the sun, good roof coatings San Antonio companies offer can protect your roof against it and can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Harmful UV rays can often pass through your roof increasing the heat level inside your home. However, a UV-resistant roof coating will prevent this, keeping your home cool and ensuring you don’t have to use your AC system as frequently.