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How Long Does A Roof Coating Last?

Roof coatings are exceptional materials in terms of resistance and durability – they serve as the topmost layer of the roof, the layer that takes all the beating from the elements and they protect the roofing structure not only from the damage caused by the elements, but from energy loss as well.

Roof coatings play a double role: they are intended to prolong the life of the roof and they reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperature of the building interior comfortable. The period for which roof coatings are able to fulfil these two roles depends very much on the type of the coating material, on the material’s properties and the thickness of the coating layer applied on the roof. Proper application and proper usage also influence the lifespan of the coating – coating that is not applied correctly or that is not suitable for the weather pattern that dominate the specific area will surely have a shorter life.

The lifespan of roof coating usually ranges between 3-10 years – you can find out the exact life expectancy from the instruction manual of the coating product. Most coating products need to be reapplied regularly to maintain their strength and durability – the exact details will also be contained in the instruction manual.  All you need to know about roof coatings is the professionals who perform them, see