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How Long Does the Commercial Roof Coating Process Take?

Commercial Flat Roof Coating Process

Applying a resistant and durable layer of protective coating on your commercial flat roof Chicago building is a quick and easy process, though the application itself needs to be preceded by roof preparation. Here is how to do it right:

  • Inspect, clean and repair the roof – roof coating can be correctly applied only on a surface that is smooth and free from faults and contaminants, therefore the first step of the roof coating process must be a careful inspection to reveal any roofing problems, thorough roof cleaning and the repair of any issues detected during the inspection. If the cleaning is done with methods that leave the roof surface wet or moist, you need to wait until the roof is completely dry before you apply the coating;
  • Apply the coating – roof coating products come with detailed application instructions that must be followed. Most coatings are applied with a brush, a roller or a spray can, in repeated layers until the right thickness is achieved. Each layer is applied only when the previous one is dry – the instructions will tell you exactly how long you should wait before the next layer can be applied. When the coating on the roof is on the right thickness, the process is complete, but the surface will be practicable only after the coating cures.