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How You Can Increase Your Roof Longevity with Roof Coatings

Ultimate Roof Increase Longevity

Roofs can last for decades, depending on the materials they are made from and the climate conditions they are exposed to. If you are looking for ways to prolong the lifespan of your roof, you have many options, one of the most cost-efficient, easiest and most efficient methods being the application of a suitable roof coating by Ultimate Roof Coaters of San Antonio. Here is how the simple procedure can increase the longevity pf your roof:

  • Leak prevention – most roofs start developing minor leaks after 5-10 years and the leaks start growing and becoming increasingly difficult to repair gradually. Roof coatings can seal the roof surface, preventing the roofing material’s direct exposure to water, thus preventing leaks, too. Waterproof coatings are applied in sensitive roofing areas, such as the seams and the valleys, therefore they are excellent, low-cost ways to reinforce those areas;
  • Protection from solar radiation – even the strongest roof can suffer when it needs to withstand harsh UV radiation for too long. The coating products that have been developed for solar protection prevent that kind of damage by reflecting the sun’s rays. The right type of coating, applied correctly comes with the extra benefit of preventing the roof from overheating, thus decreasing the amount of heat that enters the interior spaces of the building through its topmost layer of defense.