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Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Roof Coating This Winter

Commercial Roof Coating Winter MaintenanceThe maintenance of your commercial roof surface is a continuous process that should not be neglected in winter either. Here are some tips about how to maintain your coated roof throughout the cold season:

  • Always pay attention to safety – before you do any kind of maintenance work on your roof, make sure that climbing up to the roof or, if necessary, stepping and walking on the roof can be done in safety. Check the strength of the surface as well as the existence of anchor points and make sure to wear the right kind of safety equipment;
  • Remove excess snow – one of the worst enemies of any roof is the pressure caused by the weight of snow and ice. Take a look at the roof after each snowy period – if you notice that the layer of snow on the roof is too thick, grab a roof rake and remove it as soon as you can;
  • Remove ice dams – ice dams are a sign of energy slippage that you will need to correct when the weather turns warm. In winter, however, the only thing that you can do about them is to remove them gently, paying attention not to damage the gutter or the roof edge that they are attached to.

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